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Our trusted partners Tillman Domotics is a boutique automation design and installation company dedicated to forming lasting relationships with our clients. Working in harmony with top-end designers and architects, they discretely work under the radar to ensure that every installation suits the client’s needs.


Tillman Domotics are greatly renowned and respected in the integration industry for innovation, collaboration and confidentiality. Services are completely customisable with the client at the centre of whatever they do. From the initial meeting and the detailed design to the expert installation and diligent after-care service, Tillman Domotics  & SRC are with you every step of the way.


Tillmans Domotics bespoke systems vary widely, but all take onboard our message: “Simplicity Redefined.” Our integration usually includes a combination of cinema, audio & visual, lighting, window treatment, telephone, data and TV distribution infrastructure, access control, communication systems, CCTV, control of third-party systems, remote monitoring and UPS backup services. Tillman Domotics has redefined what it means to provide audio-visual integration, by offering a service-orientated approach which ensures the best possible care for the client.

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